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A Child’s Eyes

I grew up on a family dairy farm. Summer days were endless affairs when my brothers and I disappeared from the breakfast table to explore the nooks and crannies of the woods at the back of the farm. We jumped on our bikesóhorses, in our mindsóand rode the laneways and pathways to hideouts and forts in the fence lines of cornfields or corners of orchards. In the winter, our driveway was Maple Leaf Gardens or Chicago Stadium where ...

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What is Conversion?

I remember some years back when I was just starting out in youth ministry, I was working at a church that liked to handle decisions for Christ in an altar-call sort of way. You know, where someone up front asks people to raise their hands and then perhaps come forward to pray and accept Jesus into their heart. Well, in the youth meetings I was working with, we did a similar thing, except we pulled people quietly to the side so as not to embarr...

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